About Us


Western Pet Supply began doing business over thirty years ago, founded by the Williams family. The idea took fruition in their garage when they made the decision to create a cedar pet bed for their golden retriever Boohn. They simply couldn’t find any pet beds on the market that met the specifications that they desired.

Before they knew it requests from friends, neighbors and local retailers started pouring in and they were filling orders in the thousands. In 1988, they opened the first Western Pet Supply store on Scholls-Ferry Road in Portland, Oregon, while continuing to create their original cedar pet beds in the back of the store. That facility quickly became far too small for their growing business and in 1996 they moved the store to it’s current location on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

Thirty plus years later, Western Pet Supply is still a local, family-owned full service pet store that caters to the specific needs of countless local pets and their owners.