Posted by Kelsey T on Jun 11th 2020

June Founder's Day Special: Petcurean GO! Solutions Skin and Coat

Hello again my #RuffLifeClub beauties!

It’s almost officially summer, which means it’s time to break out the grill! I personally love brats and ribs, paired with an iced cold Bodhizafa. What is your favorite meat (or veggie) to grill? Speaking of which, we want to personally thank Chad from Merrick for hooking us up with a brand new grill that recently found a new home! To the winner of our BBQ raffle, please bring us some grilled goodies one of these days. We know some tricks too! We're especially good at being a good and sitting.

For this month’s Founder’s Special, we want to highlight Petcurean, an awesome brand from Canada. We at Western Pet Supply feel that Petcurean embodies all we hold dear; independence, family ownership, a pet first mentality and high quality nutrition. To give you a little bit of their backstory; Petcurean was started by a couple of friends in British Columbia, who just celebrated their 20th anniversary last year! It is an independent, sustainable, ethical company that lives by quality first, pets first, and they absolutely do not make any compromises.

All products are growth hormone free, with no by-products or artificial preservatives, and all cans are 100% BPA free. Almost all of the ingredients are sourced from North America, as close to the manufacturing plants as possible, with lamb and venison being sourced from Australia and New Zealand, respectively. By partnering with local farmers that follow their same standards, Petcurean is able to source the freshest, and highest quality products possible.

We carry the NOW! Fresh large breed and small breed lines, as well as the GO! Skin and Coat, and the GO! Solutions LID Sensitivities foods.

GO! Solutions Skin and Coat is specially designed for dogs that can’t eat or shouldn’t eat certain foods. If your dog is a picky eater, or has a dull coat, switching to a high quality food is the answer to many issues. All pets can benefit from healthy skin, shiny coats, and some extra care and love. Each of the four flavors is formulated with high quality meat, omega rich oils, and antioxidant packed fruits and veggies, so stop in today to check out our special on GO! Solutions Skin and Coat. For the entire month of June, try a small bag and get $5 off, or get $10 off the big bags.

For more information check out their website and we will be in touch with our #RuffLifeClub adventures in the next post!