Posted by WPS Staff: Kelsey and Marisa on Dec 3rd 2020

Portland Pet Food Co. Mystery BOX!

     Hey, Ruff Life gang! Ready for another mystery box?

     This November, we are highlighting a local company that we paired up with to bring you our special edition treat and reusable container bundle! We are proud to team up with Portland Pet Food Company to bring you a lunch box packed full of their delicious food pouches and treats, plus some of our own curated Ruff Life chews. Our box is specially made by our genius in-house designer who hates attention so we won't say who it is...*cough Damon cough* He's made our other cool merch, so don't miss out on the November box!

     Portland Pet Food Company was founded by Katie McCarron and her family in response to their own senior, picky standard poodle, Rosie. Rosie wasn't eating any of her canned food and after some extensive research, Katie decided to make homemade dog food in the hopes to tempt Rosie into eating. It worked wonders helping Rosie gain back the weight she had lost, while gobbling up every last bite. Hence, PPFC was formed. Since then, their line has expanded to include delicious and convenient pouch supplementary food, treats, and toys! Fun fact, we were the first retailer to carry their products, so this collaboration is a big deal to both PPFC, and Western Pet Supply!

     They believe that you should feed your dog the way you feed yourself, with sustainable, local products. The company pairs with Pacific Northwest companies to guarantee all the food is made and sourced in the U.S. All the meals are cooked from scratch and all of the dog biscuits are hand rolled and cut.

     PPFC wants what's best for each doggo out there and what better way to do that than by pairing with awesome breweries. The spent grains in the biscuits come from great local breweries like Coalition Brewing and Groundbreaker Brewing, so check them out yourself (alcohol not included in biscuits)! Gotta love a good IPA. All of the meat is artificial hormone and antibiotic free and comes from SP Provisions/Cascade Natural Meats, and can be found in local supermarkets. Their rye flour comes from Bob's Red Mill, and they use local veggies and rice from other local companies. Together, it makes for a delicious treat for your pup!

     Last but not least, their toys are made in the U.S. and they're eco-friendly, made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, duraplush outer material, and double-stitched turned seams. The toys also come in cute beer can shapes. Could they get any better? Your dog will have a blast tossing around these cold ones.

      Regardless of which box you pick up this month, your dog will be getting some great, local products from an awesome Portland-grown company. So stop in today and pick one up while supplies last!

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