Posted by Kelsey T on May 27th 2020

The Ruff Life Club Adventures!

Hello and welcome to our new blog segment: The Ruff Life Club Adventures

A little bit about who and what we are. Western Pet started about 30 years ago with Bill and Julie Williams. Their passion for their own pets led to them making homemade pet beds and they thought why not do it for a living, which is what gave way to what is now Western Pet Supply.

As of January 1st, 2020; Andy and Kim Griggs assumed ownership of the business, with the help of their son Tyler and almost all of the original staff. We all help keep the spirit of Western Pet alive. Andy retired beginning of the year, and now likes to vacuum every 5 minutes, Kim works in healthcare and helps with background business stuff (her official title is master baker) and Tyler works full time, so you'll see him more often. Make sure to give Tyler a hard time just like you would your own kids/family.

Liz has been at here since the very beginning. She is our resident dog whisperer, treat provider, and is guaranteed to know pretty much know everything. If she doesn't know, she'll go the extra mile to hunt down the info needed. She's a huge fan of purple, arts and crafts, and pretty much dubbed “The Nice One.”

Damon knows everything about our product selection. When, where, why, and what; he takes care of selecting all your dog and cat’s favorite treats, toys, and foods. He is also a fantastic artist and pun master. Check out his line of greeting cards when you drop in - Dirty Paws Paper Co, or grab one of his sticker designs for your impulse pleasure.

Tom has been at Western Pet for about 20 years, working on the floor and off. He makes sure our numbers are correct and still helps out around the store. He plays guitar, is active in his community, and is a huge fan of chocolate.

James is our resident handy man and master of inventory. Do you like our new signs and displays? Thanks James! If he can't fix it, or build it; then we don't need it. He's the king of our warehouse, so next time you wander back there, ask him what he keeps under his beard (we think it's a stash of jerky).

John has worked at Western Pet for 15+ years. He helps with all the background work, and all those great pet puns you love on our reader board. A lover of WW2 history, wine and chicken; you need a carry out, he's your guy.

We also have our newer members: Amanda, Katarina, Marisa, Brooklyn and myself (Kelsey). Don't worry, we might be newer but we're still trained to help provide advice on foods, toys, and occasional life advice (not really). Amanda is the smug one, Katarina is the silly one, Marisa is our sacrificial lamb and I'm the snotty one. Brooklyn is super new, so feel free to get to know her and help us pick a nickname, preferably one that starts with S! Just make sure it's not a four letter word. That might be pushing it too far!

We still strive to provide the best of the best when it comes to dog & cat nutrition, curating from local brands, to some of the top frozen/freeze dried foods out there. We at Western Pet Supply want our customers to feel like family. So bring in your four legged family member and we can guarantee that we shall spoil them just as much as you do.

Welcome to the Ruff Life Club. We hope you like it as much as we do. Stay furry!