In Store

Western Pet Supply prides itself on kind and knowledgeable customer service with a huge array of products for almost any pet owner. Stop by today to browse our selection or to ask questions!


Dogs and Cats

  • Assorted food and treats, including freeze-dried and frozen raw

  • Collars, leashes, harnesses, and name tags 

  • Crates, carriers, and backpacks

  • Supplements and grooming supplies

  • Bowls for home and travel

  • Toys, chews, and bulk treats

  • Flea and tick treatment, including home and bedding sprays

  • Food storage

  • Assorted beds sized for cats to large dogs

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Litter and boxes

  • Seasonal clothing

  • CBD for pets

  • And more...


Small Animals and Pet Birds

  • Assorted fortified pellet food, including in bulk

  • Assorted bedding, litter, and hay

  • Compressed Timothy and Orchard Grass bales

  • Toys, treats, and other enrichment activities

  • Small habitat fixtures

  • Assorted pet bird food

  • Perches, toys, and treats 

  • And more...


Chickens, Urban Farm, and Wild Birds

  • Assorted chicken feed (organic and non-GMO available)

  • Chicken scratch, grit, oyster shell, and other non-medicated supplements

  • Feed and waterers

  • Pine, cedar, and straw bedding

  • Goat and mini pig food and treats

  • Assorted wild bird seed

  • Bird houses

  • Assorted squirrel feed, including bulk options

  • And more...


Reptiles and Fish

  • Frozen feeder rats and mice

  • Frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms

  • Reptile bulbs

  • Fortified foods, calcium powder, and other supplements

  • A small selection of aquatic animal supplies including bulk pond food

  • And more...


Human Stuff

  • Licorice

  • CBD products

  • Bottled cold brew, Liquid Death, and a variety of tea and probiotic beverages

  • Stickers, cards, and gifts